Pitching at Slush, Reboot Event

On the 16th of September, the Temu team got started on their crazy journey. There were moments when they almost gave up, but something always brought them back together. This full year has been packed with new opportunities and adventures after the win at the Textile Hackathon.

  • Pitching at Slush and making the top 3
  • Winning the Bastu challenge
  • Pitching at the Climate Launchpad and placing as the 2nd
  • Taking part in the Startup Journey hosted by Boost Turku
  • Winning the Pitch Captain competition

Winner of the Bastu Challenge

Of course, there have been failed experiences, people that didn’t think this idea would work or that there would be customers. Most frequently we have to deal with the issue that people do not believe that our products could be mainstream and that we should focus only on a small niche market…

Startup Journey workshops

Despite what people say, we have decided to go big or go home. We will stay true to our beliefs and desire to make a real big positive impact on the business world, especially considering the fashion industry. Only the future can tell what our hard work and perseverance will achieve.

Right now, we are focusing on making our process work and finding suitable facilities to pursue our future. We still have a lot to learn, and hopefully we can soon show you guys our own prototype and the bright future we envision.

The top 10 pitchers for the Pitch Captain competition, with three Boost teams!

This was just a little update in honor of a special occasion. We will keep you guys posted in our progress and other interesting topics, so keep posted and be patient. Also, if you have ideas, suggestions or a desire to be a part of the Temu project – we encourage you to be in contact!



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