About us

The unusable made fashionable

We believe in the power of mushrooms and nature in general. We strive to bring truly circular solutions to the business world so that we can help the planet.

The Temu Concept


Our take on Circular Economy

We vision a change in the logic of the fashion and materials field, that is based on the principles of nature and Circular Economy.

The Temu Story

It all started from chance…

It so happened that four individuals, for differing reasons, sought out to take part in an event that was in regards to textile waste. There they found likeminded fellows that believed in what may have sounded like an insane idea.

Core Beliefs

The team as a whole believes in a better tomorrow, where companies produce goods that are more than just good enough for the environment and consumers alike. They also believe that life is about enjoyment, and to some level we all enjoy to consume, this is why we desire to lessen the effects of modern fast fashion, by offering materials that are superior in every way to what is out there in the market and also making consumption on a moderate level something we all can enjoy without harming the environment.

Current status

Right now we are hard at work testing different ways to produce materials and recycle textiles. 

If you have any interest in our business, please feel free to contact us.

The Temu Team

 We have an interdisciplinary team of young innovative talents.
Combining the best of the business world and science world.

The Team


Mira Valkjärvi

Julius Alisaari

Mira Valkjärvi

Founder and CEO

Passionate about the environment and Circular Economy


Tytti Salminen

Julius Alisaari

Mira Valkjärvi

Founder, product development

Passionate about creating new materials and the environment


Julius Alisaari

Julius Alisaari

Julius Alisaari

Founder, the science guy

Passionate about science and technology


Qing Cao

Jani Ahosola

Julius Alisaari

Founder, the risk analyser

Passionate about the environment and innovations


Jani Ahosola

Jani Ahosola

Jani Ahosola

External mushroom expert

Passionate about the environment and the power of mushrooms